A new dazzling duo at the Buffalo Zoo

Two Canada Lynx added to zoo population

February 17, 2018 - 7:46 am

Buffalo N.Y. (WBEN) - Not one but two new additions to the Buffalo Zoo as two female Canada lynx are added to the
zoo's population. The sisters, named Rosie and Hazel, came to the Buffalo Zoo from the Beardsley Zoo in
Bridgeport, Connecticut where they were born April 26, 2017. The two 10-month-old
lynx arrived in late November and after successful completion of health quarantine, are
now ready to explore their new habitat.

Native to Canada and the Northern United States, the Canada lynx is a medium-sized cat
similar to a bobcat. They have long ear tufts and large paws that function like
snowshoes in very deep snow. Canada Lynx have extremely thick, light brown or gray fur
with light black spots and live in dense forests where their main prey, the snowshoe
hare, is found. These cats are so dependent on the snowshoe hare for survival that
should the snowshoe hare population fluctuate so too will the population of the Canada

“We are very excited to welcome these two to Buffalo,” said Tiffany Vanderwerf, Chief
Conservation Officer. Vanderwerf adds that “this species of lynx is a great
representation of arctic animals found in North America. Although wild populations are
doing well throughout most of Canada, their numbers are threatened in the United
States and critically imperiled in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Our aim at the Zoo is
to help our guests explore local and global wildlife and encourage them to take action to
save them.”

Canada lynx are a new species for the Buffalo Zoo and will take their place in the lynx
exhibit at Arctic Edge.

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