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Mychajliw Finalizes Report on Giving Licenses to Illegal Aliens

"There are two major areas of concern..."

June 06, 2019 - 3:10 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - Last week, Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw and Clerk Mickey Kearns held a press conference to sign letters to Governor Cuomo, saying he should veto any bill that allows illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses.

Kearns had asked Mychajliw to conduct a report on the negative ramifications of such a bill, and on Thursday, the comptroller revealed his findings.

"There are two major areas of concern, and number one is maintaining the integrity of registering to vote and being able to participate in the electoral process," began Mychajliw. "Also, the potential risk of police officers pulling over suspected illegal immigrants and not being able to run their name through the DMV database."

Mychajliw explained further his concern about the voting process, saying that a driver's license would make it easier for an illegal alien to register to vote.

"That's why I believe many downstate politicians actually have the alterior motive of not wanting to give illegal immigrants a driver's license to get to work, but rather to falsley and illegally register them to vote," he accused. "That's why it's quite scary and concerning that they can check a box on a touchscreen, and they can automatically be enrolled to vote, even though they are an illegal alien and breaking the law by being here."

Listen to the entire conversation with Mychajliw below:

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