Murder Suspect's Bail Revoked

DA says information presented by defense "not entirely accurate"

Tom Puckett
March 15, 2019 - 1:53 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A man suspected of murdering his former girlfriend saw his bail revoked Friday.

Shane Casado was released on bail March 6th. He is charged with fatally shooting 22 year old Rachel Wierzbicki back in November. 

But Erie County DA John Flynn says the information Casado and his defense team to justify bail was not entirely accurate. The defense said Casado had employment waiting for him. "After the judge let him out, we did an investigation with his employer, we found out that was not entirely true. We filed a motion saying the assertions regarding employment were not 100 percent true," says Flynn, not accusing Casado or his attorney of lying.

Flynn asked the court to have Casado's bail revoked, and the court agreed.

Casado's attorney tells WBEN the bail was revoked after a review of the grand jury's minutes. He says everything about Casado's employment was accurate.

Casado's trial begins in August.

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