Muddy Delaware Park After Corporate Challenge

Olmsted Parks Conservancy blames rain for the mess

Tom Puckett
June 14, 2019 - 4:45 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) After Thursday's JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, a field at Delaware Park turned into a muddy mess. The Olmsted Parks Conservancy says no one human is to blame.

"This is just one of those rare occasions where weather wreaks havoc," says Stephanie Crockatt. "With three hours of rain plus a wet spring before the event and a downpour after the event, we have 60 thousand square feet of damage."

Crockatt says the affected areas can normally rebound in a couple of days, but this time, "our director of operations tells us it will take at least a month before we see turf regrowth."

She says tent companies were in a rush to get tents out and off to another event, contributing to ruts up to a foot thick, causing equipment to get stuck. However, Crockatt says it does not affect the relationship between Olmsted Parks and Corporate Challenge organizers. "We were their charity recipients last year, and they're one of the only events that actually pays us overtime for our folks to clean up after the event," says Crockatt, again blaming Mother Nature for the damage.

Crockatt asks patrons to stay off the damaged areas for the time being.

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