Monroe County Prosecutors to investigate BPD case

Erie County DA cites conflict of interest in investigating Suttles as defendant

Tom Puckett
June 30, 2020 - 1:29 pm
Quentin Suttles

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) – A conflict of interest in the dual investigations into Quentin Suttles and the two Buffalo Police officers who arrested him on Mother’s Day prevents Erie County District Attorney John Flynn from launching a probe into the two officers.

Flynn said Suttles is under investigation for two alleged crimes that are separate from his May 10 arrest. He also said one of his assistant district attorneys may have been a witness that day when Suttles was arrested by two officers.

“Mr. Suttles has a serious gun charge that is pending against him from last fall that, quite frankly, is not going anywhere in the near future,” Flynn said.

The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office was assigned by a judge to investigate the two officers for their conduct. No charges have been pressed against them. Flynn said he had no say in who the special prosecutor would be in this situation and speculated that Monroe County was selected because they have more resources than other counties adjacent to Erie County.

Suttles and his attorneys argued that excessive force was used against him during his arrest on Mother’s Day. In a video released by Suttles’ attorney, the two officers were seen arresting him after they believed he had marijuana in his car. During a struggle on the ground, Suttles was punched multiple times in the head.

An illegally owned pistol was found after the encounter.

WATCH: Body camera footage of Quentin Suttles arrest

Despite no longer investigating the two officers, Flynn will still investigate Suttles for his conduct that day.

“As I stand here right now, I am not in a position to dismiss anything against Suttles,” Flynn said.

Flynn also said it took several weeks for his office to get the original video of the encounter from the woman who was with Suttles that day. The DA said she was uncooperative with their investigation.

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