Money's role in 27th congressional district

Collins with a television ad, McMurray to follow?

Mike Baggerman
September 28, 2018 - 3:00 am

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Chris Collins' campaign ran its first advertisement on local television stations last weekend.

However, Nathan McMurray's campaign has yet to release their own advertisement in NY-27. UB Political Science Professor Jacob Neiheisel said that because McMurray's campaign is at a financial disadvantage, he may not have the resources to.

"TV ads are fairly expensive proposition," Neiheisel told WBEN. "Somebody such as Nate probably going to restricted to internet ads. Maybe radio ads and the like. TV ads may be out of reach for him."

Neiheisel said that Super PAC money is flowing into both campaigns. With Collins, Neiheisel said it's business interests that are utilizing the Super PAC option while McMurray's numbers from the FEC on individual donations are coming through a Super PAC called "ActBlue"

Despite all the coverage of NY-27 in the local news, Center for Public Integrity reporter Dave Levinthal said there's been a lack of advertising as a whole because no one knew who the candidates would be until Chris Collins last week announced he will remain on the ballot. Levinthal said that the DCCC and the NRCC haven't had much interest yet in NY-27. Super PAC's may have more of an interest after Real Clear Politics decided NY-27 was a "toss up"

"Because of the (the Collins indictment), people are seeing this race as more competitive than anyone ever would have even a month ago or a few weeks ago," Levinthal said. "Still, it's a very red district. It's one of the most red republican districts in New York State."


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