Mixed Feelings Over Proposed West Seneca Supervisor Pay Cut

"I don't think it's a good idea from a public policy perspective."

Brendan Keany
October 08, 2019 - 2:27 pm

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WEST SENECA (WBEN) - For several years now, there has been controversy over West Seneca Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan's salary.

Just three years ago, Meegan gave herself a nearly 15% pay raise, and now, she's proposing a 10% cut to the supervisor's salary. This decrease would drop the supervisor's salary from $72,500 to $65,000.

While this may appear to be a bizarre proposition, it actually has some support from town officials. Councilman Gene Hart, who is running for the supervisor position, says that public service shouldn't be about the money anyway.

"I actually don't mind it, and I could potentially be the supervisor and work at a lower wage, but I think when you go into a new position, and I don't care who you are, I don't think you should start at the higher wage - you ought to be starting at a lower wage and earn your way up," said Hart.

Hart added that he doesn't understand the outcry behind this decision and this has become a bigger deal than it deserves to be.

Listen to Hart's full comments below:

Gary Dickson is also a candidate for supervisor, and he says the salary cut doesn't bother him from a personal standpoint - he just doesn't think a cut to the position is smart business for the future.

"It doesn't really have a big impact on me personally, but I don't think it's a good idea from a public policy perspective," said Dickson. "I believe that, in order to attract qualified candidates, town need to pay a decent wage. I know that supervisors in surrounding towns like Hamburg, Orchard Park, Cheektowaga, all make $80,000 or more."

Listen to Dickson's full comments below:

We reached out to Meegan for comment, but she has not yet returned our calls.

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