'Miracles Unleashed' at SPCA Serving Erie County

RadioThon Raises $100k

Tim Wenger
December 12, 2019 - 6:50 pm
SPCA Serving Erie County

Transport animals arriving at SPCA Serving Erie County/WBEN Photo - Tim Wenger


West Seneca, N.Y. (WBEN) - The RadioThon for the SPCA Serving Erie County on WBEN and Star 102.5 raised $100,000 during the all-day event Thursday.  The money will go a long way to help fund the efforts of the SPCA which receives no funding from Erie COunty.

There is an aspect of the SPCA Serving Erie County you don't see when you come through the front doors of the bustling shelter on Harlem Road in West Seneca. 

Down the halls and in a garage away from the busy atmosphere of the RadioThon to support the SPCA Thursday, a transport van was backing in to a small group of eager SPCA workers ready to receive the energetic cargo.  Onboard the truck from St. Hubert's Animal Welfare in New Jersey were ten dogs and two guniea pigs.

As the door to the van swung open, you could hear the barks of dogs ranging in age from five months to eight years.  The animals had arrived from a region where they faced an uncertain future to an area where they will be safely adopted into loving new homes.  One by one, SPCA Transport Manager Barbara Frazier was identifying the dogs by name and handing them off to awaiting SPCA staff who will assess the animals conditions before moving them to the adoption floor for availability to the public.

“It’s possible some of these dogs will be on our adoption floor by tomorrow afternoon”, says Frazier who has been with the SPCA for 27 years. 

“We, with our supportive community in Western New York, have the very good fortune of being able to bring these dogs here to Buffalo to be adopted”, adds Frazier who says they come to Buffalo from regions in the country struggling with overpopulation issues and where their fate would be uncertain. 

The SPCA is networked with approximately 30 source shelters in areas where population management is an issue and it's become an important part of the recue work they do.   “We are now transporting in about half of the dogs we adopt out a year”, Frazier told WBEN.

As Frazier was busy keeping inventory of the incoming animals, she is also looking forward to the constant influx of rescue animals coming to the shelter weekly.  The SPCA is expecting arrivals from West Virginia Sunday and Mississippi Tuesday, for example.  “We get requests every day”, says Frazier.

There are those who raise concerns that transport animals are taking precedent over local and regional rescue animals.  Addressing that concern, the SPCA's Gina Lattuca says, "We only accept dogs when we have room, and we rarely take cats as there is still an overpopulation issue with felines in the Buffalo area". 

Appropriately the theme of the SPCA RadioThon this year is 'Miracles Unleashed'.

As Frazier receives the transport pets and assesses their condition and prepares them for adoption, she notes, “I see miracles on every transport”.


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