Michael Caputo Working To Clear His Name

"There were threats on my life and to burn down my house"

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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Political Strategist and former Trump staffer Michael Caputo is talking for the first time about the House hearing on Russia in which his name came up last week.  "I was out of town and immediately after Congresswoman Jackie Speier called out my name and my wife's name, insinuating that we are both traitors, our phones blew up with threats on my life and threats to burn down our house".   Caputo said Congresswoman Speier smeared him and opened up a floodgate. 

Caputo said he has been a target of Hillary Clinton supporters since the Summer of 2016.  "The Democrats have sworn to stop Trump at all costs, even if it means smearing me and my wife and scaring the living daylights out of my 2 year old and 4 year old girls".  

He has volunteered to appear before the House committee to clear his name, but does not expect to be called because he he thinks he is considered a small fish, after leaving the Trump campaign last June. 

"If I wasn't being investigated by the FBI before, I probably am now.  I'm OK with that. I did nothing wrong and I'm sure I'll be vindicated". 

When Caputo's name took center stage at the House hearing on March 20th, Congresswoman Speier described him as an image consultant for Vladamir's Putin in the U-S.  "That's inaccurate" said Caputo and just goes to show you that accuracy doesn't have much value today.

Regarding the Russia investigation currently underway, Caputo said the hysteria has reached a fever pitch, "It's all for politics, this has nothing to do with National Security".

What's next? "I don't know" said Caputo.  But the Russia song is going to end and when it does I'm going to be looking for apologies from a lot of people, many of them here in Western New York.   

Hear the entire interview with Michael Caputo below. 

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