Meeting to Address Trucks Hitting Young St. Bridge

Before ban, trucks were hitting the bridge once a week

Tom Puckett
March 25, 2019 - 4:00 am

Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) After trucks were crashing into the CSX Bridge on Young Street in Tonawanda at a rate of once a week, an executive order banned trucks from there. But a meeting is set for tonight on what else can be done.

This meeting an already scheduled meeting of the traffic and safety board says Tonawanda Mayor Rick Davis. "They were not paying attention to the road, and they were using their cell phone GPS to drive, which defeats the purpose of having a truck GPS with specific truck routes they can follow," says Davis in issuing the order. "Just about every instance, it's been because they haven't been using their truck GPS."

Davis says one previous suggestion was digging up the road. He's nixing it. "That's going to open a whole new can. Ir shouldn't be city taxpayers having to pay to relocate infrastructure and dig out the road to prevent truckers from hitiing the bridge.

Cheryl Ward owns a business near the bridge, and it's scary every time she hears such a collision. "It's very loud, and you don't know what happened until you open the door and you look. You wonder if everyone's ok," says Ward. 

What would Ward like to see on the bridge? "I would like to see some flashing lights on the signs," says Ward. She says she's heard CSX won't allow for the bridge to be painted yellow or have lights placed.

Ward would also like to see what the traffic board has in mind at tonight's meeting. 

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