Medaille Hosts Student Walkout on Gun Violence

VIDEO: Students protest gun violence in America

Mike Baggerman
April 20, 2018 - 12:47 pm

Students at Medaille College walk out of classrooms on April 20, 2018 (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Students at Medaille College participated in another National Student Walkout on Friday morning.

At Medaille, about 100 students participated. The protest called for common sense gun laws in wake of the mass shootings at schools including Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech, and more. Friday also marked the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings.

"We are participating for protesting congressional, state, and local failure to take action to prevent gun control," Brandon Leone, President of Medaille's Student Government Association, said. 

WATCH: Student Walkout at Medaille College

He said he expects this message to get through to congressional leaders because of the new batch of voters who are registered for this year's elections.

Leone said that administration was extremely supportive of their efforts to organize a national walkout. Medaille President Kenneth Macur said he was supportive of the student's protest because it fits the college's mission statement of a civic engagement and a diverse democracy.

Macur, a former professor at the college, was asked whether students walking out of a classroom could become a habit.

"When I was still faculty I had a cell phone policy that said look at your phone and set your cell phone to what it needs to be," he said. "There's some likelihood that there is something in life that is more important than what I was talking about in class. When something is more important than what's going on in class, then yeah, I am in favor of students walking out on campus."

Macur did say there are a lot of important issues and that he hopes students don't walk out every day. 

"I do hope that we're addressing (the issues) and solving them," he said.


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