McMurray Pushes Back Against Collins' Ads in WBEN Interview

Democrat Joins WBEN on Same Day Collins's Attorneys are Due in Court


Amherst, NY (WBEN) - On the day where Congressman Chris Collins' legal team will be in a New York City courtroom to file motions on the charges he faces related to insider trading, his opponent in on the campaign trail.

Democrat Nate McMurray joined WBEN to talk about the path Collins faces and respond to the latest Collins campaign ad, that accuses McMurray of being weak on Second Amendment issues.

"You can look at my history with the Second Amendment," McMurray said. "I've done promotional materials for pistol training places. I've been involved in the outdoors and with people who have been involved with Second Amendment rights my entire life. I'd love to have a Second Amendment Forum."

McMurray and Collins are in a war of words over who could better work with the President and other lawmakers in Washington. On WBEN Wednesday, Collins said that he has the ear of President Trump, but McMurray says that things changed with his criminal indictment.

"His own party has removed him from every single committee," McMurray said. "There's no support for this man. He's not going to be able to get anything done in Congress."

You can hear the entire McMurray interview below:

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