McMurray: Collins Should "Do The Right Thing"

Collins' democratic opponent responds to indictment of congressman

Mike Baggerman
August 08, 2018 - 3:15 pm

Nathan McMurray moments before speaking publicly following indictment of Rep. Chris Collins. August 8, 2018 (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) – While Nathan McMurray was jogging in Grand Island around 7:30 a.m on Wednesday., his phone rang.

Then it rang again, and again, and again.

He eventually answered his phone, telling WBEN that the caller was a reporter from New York City seeking comment about the news about Chris Collins. Collins was to be arraigned before a Manhattan federal court on insider trading charges and for lying to the FBI.

McMurray, at the time, did not know the full details of the news but said he was disappointed.

After that call, he said he needed to collect his thoughts because of the sudden news that broke about the charges against the congressman, which could see him not only lose his position in the U.S. House of Representatives, but also several years in prison.

After he collected his thoughts, McMurray held a press conference at the local UAW 897 on Lake Shore Road by Lake Erie Boulevard.

WATCH: Nathan McMurray reacts to news of Congressman Chris Collins' indictment

“I take no joy in the terrible news we heard today and I would be wrong to gloat,” McMurray said. “I’m sure Chris Collins and his family are going through a great amount of turmoil in others. I’d rather celebrate the successes and accomplishment of others.”

McMurray said that Collins was not serving the best interest of his constituents, and was, instead, serving his donors.

When asked whether Collins should resign, something the congressman said to supporters he will not do, McMurray said Collins should look into his heart and “do the right thing.”

“That’s his decision to make,” McMurray said. “I leave it up to him. I know what I would do if I were in his boots.”

McMurray said his campaign has raised more on Wednesday. Those numbers were not available, though according to the latest FEC filing, McMurray has $81,772.07 in his campaign. Collins, meanwhile, has $1.341 million.

“We are feeling more and more confident every single second,” McMurray said.

McMurray was previously denied an endorsement from Governor Andrew Cuomo, who earlier this year pushed for Kathy Hochul to fight for the 27th congressional district. McMurray said that he has not been in contact with Cuomo’s office but would accept any endorsement that comes his way.

“(Collins) used his position to enrich himself,” McMurray said. “All of these surrogates and these people who helped him and propped him up should be held accountable. If this wouldn’t have come out, he may have very well just coasted in. It’s time to ask ourselves, is this the type of leadership we want? And the people who backed him up, can you trust them?”


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