McMurray, Collins Battle in NY27

Both candidates confident they'll win

Tom Puckett
November 06, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) One of the big races on this Election Day is in New York's 27th congressional district. Nate McMurray challenges incumbent Chris Collins.

McMurray says he's done everything he can to win. "We've been everywhere and back. We've talked to people and ran the campaign the right way," says McMurray, Grand Island Supervisor. 

As for his opponent, indicted on insider trading, McMurray says "the people are going to hold Mr. Collins accountable. They're going to say if we don't stand up to him now, it'll send a message to the next politician they can get away with this stuff." McMurray, in fact, wishes Collins had debated him. "We're gonna win, but it'll be close. If I had gotten him on stage, it would be a landslide. He cannot talk openly about his record, let alone his criminal allegations. He has no records. He has repeatedly said he works for the donors, not the people of the district," says McMurray.

McMurray vows to reach across the aisle to Republicans.

Collins did not return our requests for an interview Monday, but did speak with WBEN last week. "Right now, my focus is keeping NY 27 in the Republican column," said Collins, noting control of the House could hinge on a single race.

Collins claimed he has been active, meeting with constituents in his office over the past three months, since he was indicted on insider trading charges. 

Collins says McMurray hasn't spoken about issues. "He hasn't taken a stand on single payer health care or trashing the second amendment. Nate McMurray is a progressive liberal who doesn't reflect the values of NY 27, which is why I'm going to win," says Collins.

As for his charges, Collins says he'll have his day to clear his name, which won't be until 2020.

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