McMurray Claims He's Been Blocked from Orientation

Trails Collins in vote count in #NY27

Tom Puckett
November 14, 2018 - 5:16 pm

Washington, DC (WBEN) Democratic congressional challenger Nate McMurray claims he's being blocked by House Republicans from participating in orientation for newly-elected members of Congress.

"It is customary for candidates in close races to attend New Member Orientations so that they are best prepared to serve in the event that they win. After traveling to Washington to train alongside my peers, including others in contested races, I was informed that Rep. Gregg Harper, Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, had personally denied my participation even after House Democratic leadership continued to advocate on my behalf," says McMurray in a statement. "I am very disappointed by Congressional Republicans catering to Chris Collins’ demands, who is under indictment on 11 felony counts and spent his campaign lying and hiding from his constituents. I came to D.C. to equip myself to hit the ground running and better serve the people of Western New York once the results are official. It is shameful that Collins is continuing his efforts to diminish the will of the voters and call this race before all votes have been counted. As usual, he is actively undermining the future of this district and our country. I am grateful to Democrats from the House Administration Committee for having me at the Democratic events during the orientation and offering to come to the district to provide me and my team with all of the training, support and information we will need when we win.”

McMurray says the block may have come from Collins.

McMurray trails in the race for NY27.

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