McCoy's Ex Offers Reward in Home Invasion

Delicia Cordon offers $40,000 for information leading to an arrest

Tom Puckett
September 21, 2018 - 2:29 pm

Atlanta, GA (WBEN) The ex-girlfriend of LeSean McCoy, blaming the Bills running back for the home invasion that injured her last July, is now offering up to $40,000 for information leading to an arrest.

"I believe LeSean McCoy was involved in the attack," says Delicia Cordon. "The LeSean McCoy I know is much different than the LeSean McCoy in front of the cameras," says Cordon saying it was about jewelry he wanted back. Cordon says McCoy knew she was moving to pack out because there were cameras throughout the house. "He knew exactly when I would be home to have this done," says Cordon.

Cordon says other women have contacted her about how McCoy has physically abused them, taking gifts back, and demonstrated aggressive behavior toward them and his son, including the son's mother, Stephanie Maisonet.

Cordon says she's offering $20,000 plus another $20,000 collected from people trying to help her.

McCoy has denied all allegations. 

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