Fans Trying to Learn More on McCoy Allegations

Two Bills Drive's Scott Sarama says Instagram was unorthodox way of hearing of this

Tom Puckett
July 11, 2018 - 4:00 am

AP Photo


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As accusations against LeSean McCoy came out on social media Tuesday, fans have been commenting on Two Bills Drive.

"My first reaction was this was an unorthodox way for the story to come out," says Scott Sarama of Two Bills Drive, noting a friend of McCoy's ex-girlfriend made the post on Instagram. "Looking at those pictures that are horrific, I hope the person is OK," says Sarama. He says he's trying to get more details about allegations McCoy assaulted his girlfriend, son, and dog

Sarama says he's had a number of posts on the topic on his board. "Sometimes people will take sides, some will be skeptical, some will believe the accusations totally," says Sarama. His commenters though are also looking for more details. "The commentary and the questioning the fans have are even more intense than had a traditional news source broken the story," notes Sarama. He says fans have been trying to sort the news sources to piece together what happened.

Sarama notes no one has yet to post about McCoy's possible availability come fall. 

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