Mayoral Race Marked By Low Turnout

25,968 Voted In The Democratic Primary

Mike Baggerman
September 13, 2017 - 2:15 am

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - There are approximately 285,959 registered democratic voters in Erie County with the majority of those voters residing in the City of Buffalo. 

However, a small fraction of that number actually voted in the democratic primary for Mayor of the City of Buffalo on Tuesday. According to the unofficially tally of election results, 25,968 people voted in the democratic primary, with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown receiving 13,346 (51%) votes and City Comptroller Mark Schroeder receiving 9,219 (36%) of the vote. Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant received 3,267 (13%) of the votes.

"I think, unfortunately, it's a national phenomenon," Mayor Brown said after his victory on the primary on Tuesday. "Voter turnout seems to be going down all across the country. At the national level, state levels, and local levels. I think we just have to continue reaching out to the people of communities all across the country and let them know that voting matters. Voting makes a difference."

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Brown said that he plans to redouble his efforts to reach out to members of the community to let them know their opinion matters and that when they work together, they can accomplish great things in the city. 

No republican has won the mayor's seat in a general election since 1961. In Erie County there are 152,701 voters, with most of them living in suburban and rural areas of the county. Mayor Brown didn't directly say his campaign would spend less time, effort, and money come the general election, but has won every mayoral election by double-digit points.

"We never spare any expense on the people of Buffalo," he said. "The people of Buffalo deserve the very best of everything that I have and everything that this community has to offer. That's going to be our attitude going forward for the next four years."

The general election is on November 7. 

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