Mayor Responds to Controversial Police-Involved Video

"I was concerned by what I saw."

WBEN Newsroom
May 13, 2020 - 2:26 pm
Byron Brown

(WBEN Photo/Brendan Keany)

BUFFALO (WBEN) - Buffalo Police are now investigating a May 10 incident caught on camera that shows an officer's controversial use of force on the city's East Side.

According to Channel 7, the incident started "when officers observed a car driving the wrong way down Madison Street" - a one-way street. The driver reportedly did not possess a license and officers could smell marijuana. When asked to exit the vehicle, police say the suspect became aggressive when officers attempted to pat him down.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Byron brown addressed the incident to media.

"I was concerned by what I saw, as many other members of the community were concerned by what they saw," said Brown.

The mayor said he spoke to Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood after viewing the tape, and Lockwood told him that they had already opened an internal affairs investigation. Brown has directed the management team to expedite the investigation and to make it a top priority for the department.

According to Brown, Lockwood is going to request the district attorney's office to review the incident, and Brown added that he supports the decision to have an outside agency review the case.

"What we have seen on this tape, while concerning, is just a snippet, just a very short period of time in a police stop," said Brown. "I don't have all of the information; many people don't have all of the information - that is why an investigation is critically needed in this case, and that is what is happening."

Listen to Brown's full comments below:

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