Mayor Brown discusses BPD's upcoming taser trial

Pilot program for Buffalo Police to begin in early 2019

Mike Baggerman
December 17, 2018 - 12:46 pm

USA Today Photo


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) – Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said he’s glad that Buffalo Police did the internal research and selected a vendor for its upcoming pilot program on tasers.

“We want to see the functionality of the equipment (and) the effectiveness of the equipment,” Brown said on Monday morning. “(We want to) make sure it’s the kind of resource for our department that many believe it can be. I know in other departments around the country, the uses of tasers have resulted in serious injury or death to individuals. We want to look at the functionality of the taser and make sure it will be an effective tool for our Buffalo Police Department.”

Police will begin the use of tasers in the first couple months of 2019.

Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo said last week that Axon personnel trained members of the Buffalo Police Department for half of a 16-hour training program. The remaining training hours will be concluded after the Christmas holiday.

“Commissioner Lockwood is committed to exploring the technology, testing the technology to see how it works,” Rinaldo said.

Captain Rinaldo talked about tasers during a press briefing of the officer-involved shooting of Marcus Neal, 47, who died when he charged at officers with a knife. Rinaldo said it was not likely that a taser would have been used in that situation because officers are trained to match force with force.



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