Mayor Brown calls Councilman Wingo gun incident a "mistake"

Brown: "We all forget things. Let's face it, we're human beings"

Mike Baggerman
May 22, 2019 - 12:23 pm

Buffalo Common Councilman. May 15, 2019 (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said that City Councilman Ulysees Wingo made "a mistake" last Tuesday when he brought a gun into Riverside High School.

"It was a busy day for the council member," Brown told reporters on Wednesday at City Hall. "He forgot that he had the weapon that he is licensed to carry on his person. He went to an event at a school and when he recognized he had the weapon, he went to the school office to report that and see how they wanted that to be handled and was told he could store the weapon in a safe for safekeeping, attend the program, and come back and get the weapon and leave, which is what happened."

After senior school officials learned about the gun, it was reported to authorities a couple of days later. The principal at Riverside High School was placed on administrative leave while an investigation continues. No charges have been filed against the councilman.

In response to the incident, Councilman Wingo stepped down as chair of the city's education committee. Tuesday's planned committee meeting was canceled.

"I think he has taken appropriate action," Brown said. "I think the school district and superintendent took the appropriate action when it was brought to their attention...We all forget things. Let's face it, we're human beings."

The mayor said he has not questioned how often Wingo carries a gun, but said the councilman carries a weapon with him after previous threats against him and his family.

"Here in City Hall, we do not allow people to carry weapons," Brown said. "That is part of our security protocol and policy, which is the case at schools as well. Unfortunately in this case, the individual brought a weapon that they were licensed to carry in a concealed way into a school building."

Brown was told by Wingo going that he would never bring his gun into city hall but said he doesn't know if he ever brought it to city hall in the past.

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