Mayor Brown on Buffalo Combating Homicides

WBEN Exclusive

March 08, 2017 - 11:56 pm

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Following the recent spike of homicides in the City of Buffalo, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown spoke exclusively with WBEN on how the city is combating violent crimes.


“We have a wealth of different programs,” the mayor said. “We have the Police Athletic League that offers a number of programs for young people. We have Peace Makers, which is an organization that works with violence-prevention education  and intervention. They work with youth, young adults, gang members trying to prevent violence from occurring in the community. That has been a very effective organization and it’s been an organization that is funded by the City of Buffalo.”


As of March 6, Buffalo reported 15 homicides. That is more than twice the number of homicides in 2016 and the highest since nine in 2007. Brown took office in 2005. 


“There are spikes in crime from time to time,” Brown said. “Right now we’re experiencing a spike. As we always say in Buffalo, ‘Any one violent crime, any one homicide, is one too many’. Just (Tuesday) we made an arrest in a double-shooting that occurred on Monday. We are making progress in these cases. We have information that we are working on in a number of these cases that we believe will lead to arrests.”


Brown explained that most of the violence is targeted and gang-related in most cases. He encouraged anyone who has seen or heard anything to call the Buffalo Police Tip-Line at 847-2255.


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