Massive House Fire in North Buffalo

Emergency demolition ordered

221 Norwalk Avenue, Buffalo



Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN - Photo courtesy WKBW TV) - Flames lit up the pre-dawn sky over North Buffalo Tuesday morning.  Fire ripped through a multi family home at 221 Norwalk Avenue near Tacoma.

Fire officials say the fire started around 7am on the first floor of the home before it quickly spread. 

Three homes were impacted by the fire. The primary home is a total loss.  Damage has been placed at $350,000 to the primary house and contents.  There was also exposure damage to neighboring houses.  

No one was injured. Everyone inside got out safely. The American Red Cross is assisting 2 people displaced from the home where the fire originated.  Five dogs and at least two cats are unaccounted for, and feared dead, according to fire officials.

Fire officials acknowledge they had issues with the nearest hydrant and had to run water from a half mile away.  Firefighters were hampered by the primary home being packed with furniture which made it difficult to maneuver inside the building.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.  Emergency demolition of the home where the fire originated has been ordered. 

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