Marv Levy Weighs In On Player Protests

Calls it an "extremely difficult" situation

Richard Root
September 26, 2017 - 6:05 am

AP Photo


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Hall of fame coach and former General Manager of the Buffalo Bills Marv Levy spoke to WBEN about the  NFL player protests.

"It was extremely difficult," Levy said, "to walk the line, to get across your strong sentiments, but to do it without denigrating our country, or our national anthem."

"I don't criticize the young men who participated in it, because I think their intentions are good, " Levy continued, "but I wish they would have done it in a different way than doing something while the national anthem was playing."

"I think objecting to some of the comments the President made was right in order, I did, too, to tell you the truth."

He said he thought most of the players wanted to express their anger over prejudices but at the same time express their patriotism, saying that is the challenge for those on that side of the issue.


Levy said the national anthem means a lot of different things.  He says it's a tribute to our country and tribute to our flag, both of which pay tribute to those who fought for the country.  He says it can provide inspiration.

"I would not like to see the national anthem used other just to pay great respect."

"I could tell from the look on the faces of some those players they were trying to say 'we object to prejudices, we love this country' I think they were trying to convey those two sentiments," Levy said, "but it's pretty hard to get those conflicting ideas across."

Levy said he can't predict what happens next, since he didn't predict the scale of the protests Sunday and the reaction to it.

"A president should speak out, " Levy said, "but sometimes what they say doesn't resonate very well with a lot of people...and I'm one of them."

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