Marijuana Legalization Not High on Everyone's Minds

Kids Escaping Drugs: marijuana is gateway drug for kids

Tom Puckett
July 16, 2018 - 4:00 am

AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Friday's state report recommending the legalization of marijuana is not something everyone's in favor with.

"We understand the medical marijuana piece of it, but we don't as a campus support legalizing marijuana," says Jodi Altman of Kids Escaping Drugs. Altman says marijuana is a gateway drug. "We have kids on our campus solely because of their marijuana use that has gotten them into trouble in their life, so that's why we can't support legalizing marijuana."

Altman says if there's the data in the report that shows marijuana legalization will reduce opioid dependency, she'll take a closer look at that. 

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