Maple West teachers bring smiles with parade of cars

“We Love Maple West”

WBEN Newsroom
April 02, 2020 - 8:42 pm
Maple West parade

WBEN Photo/Mike Pesarchick

Williamsville, N.Y. (WBEN-Mike Pesarchick) - For those youngsters stuck at home amid the Covid-19 pandemic, life can get pretty boring and even pretty gloomy pretty quickly without the chance to see friends and favorite teachers at school. 

So, on Thursday morning, a group of teachers and faculty from Maple West elementary school in Amherst decided to bring a little cheer to kids at home with an impromptu parade through the neighborhoods surrounding the school. 

Around 25 cars decked out in signs, balloons and soap messages paraded through the streets blaring their horns. The cheerful specticle attracted plenty of neighborhood children who were happy to have the chance to see their favorite teachers again. 

Some children on the routes decorated their driveways with bright chalk messages, some reading, “We Love Maple West,” “We Miss Maple West” and “Thank You Teachers.” Others put up homemade lawn signs to welcome the motorcade. 

The parade won’t be a one-time event, either. Principal Jason Smith said in a video posted to Maple West’s twitter page that he and the other teachers will be making rounds again next week. 

"Now the group that was south of [Maple Road> will go north of Maple and vice versa,” Smith said. “We hope that everybody enjoyed the parade today and if you have pictures or videos, please comment or upload them onto Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to see them and be able to share them out.”

The school shared pictures of the parade on social media, @Maple_WestWCSD on Twitter and Maple West Elementary School on Facebook. 


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