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Man Sets Woman on Fire at Tim Horton's in Tonawanda

The victim is facing life-threatening injuries at ECMC

December 17, 2018 - 8:29 pm

TONAWANDA (WBEN) - A bizarre and sad incident yesterday at a Tim Horton's in Tonawanda will lead to an attempted murder charge.

City of Tonawanda Police Captain Fred Foels explains the scene that left two people with life-threatening injuries, as a man tried to light a woman on fire.

The woman worked at the Tim Horton's, and the man convinced her to come outside and talk to her by an enclosed dumpster area. When she arrived, he doused her in a flammable liquid and lit her on fire, but he was close enough to her that he also caught on fire.

Foels was very concerned over the nature of the woman's injuries, and says the burns to both are life-threatening.

"Not good," he began. "She's up at ECMC right now in the burn unit...he was also transferred up to ECMC burn unit. She's in far worse shape."

Foels told WBEN that the woman's burns were so bad that there was talk of having to amputate her hands.

In addition to the murder charge, Foels said that after discussion with the District Attorney, the man could face several more charges including arson and reckless endangerment. Initial investigation revealed that there was some trouble in this relationship before, as this was not the first time that law enforcement has responded to their domestic disputes.

"Apparently, there's two children involved, two young children involved, between the two of them," said Foels. "Obviously, there must be some friction going on between them."

He also said that there were a lot of people there to witness the incident.

"We're trying to determine right now if someone went inside the store, got a fire extinguisher, and we found a fire extinguisher outside where both parties were," he said. "That's a busy Tim Horton's here in Tonawanda, and there's a lot of comings and goings, and we have the surveillance from the Tim Horton's which also shows the transaction."

Friends have set up a Go Fund Me page to assist in the woman's recovery. They're accepting donations HERE

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