Man leaves Kenmore Mercy after fighting COVID19 for 101 days

Wife and daughter say they look forward to spending time with him

Tom Puckett
July 07, 2020 - 6:53 pm
Getty Images

Getty Images

Kenmore, NY (WBEN) A victory in the fight against COVID19, as one family'e loved one is released from Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

Rusty Browning had been hospitalized for 101 days at the hospital. His wife, Dolores, says she's excited for the homecoming. "He's strong, he pulled through it as we had ups and downs," says Mrs. Browning, who was gratified for the care given to Rusty, who owns an electrical business.

Dolores says her husband is a family man, "and that's what kept him going. We asked him not to give up, that he was fighting and he wouldn't be here this long if he weren't."

His daughter Dusty Pruchnicki says her father has always been her hero, now even more as he's an inspiration to others fighting COVID 19.

Rusty Browning's plans for now are to spend more time with family.


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