Malone's Exit in the Darkness of Advent

Fr. Paul Seil "It's symbolic that it's happening now"

Susan Rose
December 03, 2019 - 12:00 pm
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Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN) - "Advent is a season of hope. Advent is a season of expectation," Fr. Paul Seil told Susan Rose Tuesday morning on WBEN.  "We're heading into some of the darkest days of the year and this is very symbolic that the Holy Father is acting to recognize that we're about to come out of the darkness."

Report: Bishop Richard Malone to resign on Wednesday

The Pastor of St. Bernadette Church in Orchard Park said it's not just because of Bishop Richard Malone. "This has been going on for so many years, through other Bishops, for many, many decades." It's not all on Bishop Malone, he said. "This represents the beginning of a change in which, hopefully, the Diocese of Buffalo will get a Bishop who is truly a pastor to the people of the Diocese, the people of God."

Seil, who has never shied away from expressing his lack of confidence in Bishop Malone's handling of the clergy abuse scandal, said he had tears in his eyes when he saw journalist Rocco Palmo's tweet that Malone was at the end of his ministry. "When I saw "Buffalo, it's Over" I was blurring with tears. Something is ending. It's a sad thing for everyone. And it represents a new challenge to all of us to rebuild the church in Buffalo."

Will Bishop Malone resign or take an early retirement?   Seil chuckled and said he would like to take early retirement himself. He said he's never heard of the early retirement option. "One way or the other Bishop Malone will be moving on from the office of Bishop in Buffalo, and that's the important thing." He said hopefully there will be a breath of fresh air, a new start in Buffalo.

For the announcement to be made, there is a protocol that has to be followed.  Fr. Seil said the announcement will come from the Vatican, in the Daily Bulletin. The Diocese of Albany, where Malone's replacement is from, will not have any comment until after the Vatican statement.  

71 year old Edward Sharfenberger is expected to be tapped apostolic administrator of the Buffalo Diocese until a permanent replacement is named.  

"I hope Buffalo gets a Bishop who is truly a pastor to the people of the Diocese, the people of God," said Fr. Seil.





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