Malone in Touch with Cardinal Dolan; No Plans to Step Down

Will announce new adult abuse policy next week

Tom Puckett
September 19, 2019 - 7:12 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Bishop Richard Malone appeared with WBEN's Bauerle and Bellavia Thursday afternoon discussing a number of topics regarding the Diocese sex abuse scandal, including the possibility of filing for bankruptcy.

Malone says he has been in touch with NYC Cardinal Timothy Dolan. "We have a conference call with the Cardinal, really to keep track of what cases are coming in, how we're handling it, and what we're thinking about dealing with it. Of course, the Cardinal will ask how I'm doing, because he gets the mail. We're having conversations about it," says Malone. But he says he is not talking abour resigning. "I told the Cardinal if the Holy See decides to conduct a review, I would welcome that. We'll just have to see what happens," says Malone. 

Malone says there has been talk about bankruptcy, but no decision has been made yet nor should anyone expect a decision soon. "We have 138 lawsuits that have come in. We anticipate maybe 250 to 275," estimates Malone. He says one of the arguments for bankruptcy filing is to provide a more equitable funding for victims. "I'm told if you litigate these cases, then some of the first ones to come through will be huge amounts, which will eat up the resources so other victims down the line may get little or nothing," says Malone. "I understand if we do go Chapter 11, we'll still have the resources to carry out the essential work and mission of the church."

Malone says a new policy similar to abuse of children will be introduced soon. "We have that wonderful policy for children who are abused, and it's been affected. No one ordained in the last 30 years has a substantiated claim of abuse against them. But we haven't had a protocol for adults. We have it now, and hopefully you'll see it next week," notes Malone.

Malone says he has not been asked to testify in any abuse case yet. 

He notes attendance has been down as well as donations to the church.

Malone also denies saying he told those in the diocese to not forward anything negative to him. "Any letter that comes to me that reads personal and confidential is only seen by me. I read every single one of them. Today I opened my mail and I saw some negative ones and some hang in there ones, and I see them all," explains Malone.

Malone also addressing his private email account. "I like every bishop has an unlisted email. Unfortunately, that became public a couple of weeks ago. I do not want a flood of emails of all kinds. People get to me even through the diocesan website or they write letters or call the diocesan office. My assistant gets the emails, prints them out and I see them," says Malone. 

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