Malone: I Will Not Resign

Malone on WBEN discussing new initiatives with Movement to Restore Trust

Tom Puckett
April 16, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Buffalo Catholic Diocese Bishop Richard Malone says he will not step down. This coming just hours after new initiatives were introduced in conjuction with the Movement to Restore Trust.

"I have been doing all my ministry everywhere I'm scheduled to do it, enjoying being with the people. I get my strength from the regular people in the pews," says Malone. "I am not going to resign, and there's plenty of support everywhere I go."

Malone and the Movement to Restore Trust introduced a series of initiatives Monday. They include diocese-wide listening sessions and Malone formalizing a process for meeting with victims of sexual abuse by reserving regular hours on his schedule for individual meetings with victims.

John Hurley of Canisius College heads the Movement to Restore Trust, and says he had doubts at first. "There was skepticsm, we were going to do all this work and lead nowhere. But to the Bishop's credit, he has embraced what we said," says Hurley. He adds this is just the beginning, and there's hope about the future.

Hurley says calls for Malone to resign are knee jerk reactions. "If someone does something wrong, they should resign. That's not my place as a college president, that's the bishop's responsibilty." Hurley says he has a relationship with Malone since the bishop came to Buffalo. "As a president of a Catholic college, we need to have a good relationship with the bishop." He says that's why joining forces is not a conflict of interest. "I don't think it's impairing our objectivity on this. We've been very candid about this situation," adds Hurley.

Malone says the joint implementation team's first meeting was good. "I felt the grace of God," says Malone. "It was cordial, candid, and a sense we want to move forward with the healing of the victims." He says the diocese is in a better place with more transparency.


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