Lyndonville Excited for David Bellavia's Medal of Honor

Bellavia is Lyndonville's second Medal of Honor recipient

Tom Puckett
June 14, 2019 - 4:00 am

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Lyndonville, NY (WBEN) The community of Lyndonville is is beaming with pride over hearing word David Bellavia will receive the Medal of Honor.

Bellavia is a graduate of Lyndonville and grew up in the Orleans County community.

"We have a long history of soldiers from Lyndonville, but Mr. Bellavia, we're all proud of what he's accomplished," says Mayor John Belson. Belson is hoping to have Bellavia take part in an upcoming holiday event. "He's a real busy guy. We're hoping we can get him into 4th of July festivities," and Belson is trying to get the nearby American Legion post involved.

Belson says there aren't many words to dexcribe how excited he and the village are to hear of this honor. He notes it's not the first time Lyndonville has been home to a Medal of Honor recipient. During World War II, Tech Sgt. Forrest Vosler was in an aircraft severely damaged by antiaircraft fire, forced out of formation, and immediately subjected to repeated vicious attacks by enemy fighters. In the process, he held on to a wounded pilot to keep him from the plane's wing until the other crewmembers could help them into a dinghy.

Bellavia also returned to his old high school this week, touring with his one time teachers. "He played on athletic teams, he was in musicals, he was a well-rounded student and we speak of him with such love," says Superintendent Jason Smith. 

Smith adds Bellavia was guest speaker at the Lions Club Top Ten dinner last year, honoring the high school's top ten graduates. It was at that dinner Bellavia's award was announced this year. "He's going to represent our school and community very well. We're proud of what he's done and we're super excited for him," says Smith.

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