Looking for Buffalo Billion II $ for Central Terminal

Buffalo Common Council passes measure requesting funds

October 31, 2017 - 5:56 pm

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Saying it's the next "big project" that needs to happen in Buffalo, Fillmore district Common Councilman Dave Franczyk was before the council session Tuesday introducing legislation calling for Buffalo Billion II funds to be allocated to the dilapidated Central Terminal.  The future of the historic train terminal has been somewhat unclear since it was passed over as the potential site for a new train station in Buffalo.

Lawmakers adopted the measure which will now advance to Albany via the Western New York delegation and seek millions of dollars in funds to help stabilize the east side landmark.

Franczyk tells WBEN the key is to "stabilize this structure, make it turnkey again,  and bring back the mechanicals and the lights and everything else". It is hoped, says Franczyk, that the money would allow the structure to be more attractive to potential developers who could come in and "hit the ground running" with their plans.

Franczyk says what ultimately happens with the Central Terminal is historic, and adds, "it's our pyramids, in a hundred years people will thank us for the work we're doing now".

The Urban Land Institute is expected to issue a new report on the terminal and recently the World Monument Fund placed the structure on its "watch list".


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