Longtime Bills Revel in Playoff Berth

Kyle Williams Steals Show as Fans Celebrate

USA Today Images

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN/WGR) - Snapping the playoff drought wass even sweeter for the Bills players who have been in Western New York to see it go from an annoyance to a burden. 

Kyle Williams, who has been a Bill since he was drafted in 2006, may have been thinking that his first career touchdown would be the day's highlight, but finally clinching a spot in the postseason topped it all.

"Being there with my teammates, you could tell (how much it meant)," Williams told WGR on Tuesday. "Not just the team. To see Russ Brandon, Terry Pegula, and all the coaching staff. To see all those guys who have been here for so long and shouldered the burden about the playoffs, to be able to tear it off and throw it away was a great feeling for everybody."

And then, there was the reception the team received when their plane touched down close to 1:00 early New Year's morning.

"That's exactly when, for me, you feel it and say I'm so glad those guys got to experience that," said Mark Kelso, who retired from the Bills as a player in 1993, but has been with the team as an analyst since 2006.

The fan reaction seen at the airport and around Western New York since Sunday is resonating with players.

"I was just kind of reflecting on it a little bit today," Williams said. "More than anything when this kind of talk comes up next year, and the next year, that our fans don't have to hear 'This team is on a 17 year playoff drought, this team is on an 18 year playoff drought.' We buried that thing and I'm as happy for our fans as I am anybody."

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