London Terror: Medaille's Steve MacMartin

"People are too quick to jump to a Terrorism conclusion"

WBEN Photo/Susan Rose


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) -  The Director of Medaille College's Homeland Security program tells WBEN, people are very quick to jump to terrorism conclusions today.  "I'm sure everyone thought at the very first moment they heard about the London tower fire last week, that it was an act of terror.  It was not, thankfully, but it just shows that something you might not think of, could be used as a terrorist weapon".

MacMartin said whether the latest van attack outside a mosque in London was terrorism or a hate crime, it certainly denotes a degradation in the situation in the U.K.  Asked if the label affects the investigation, MacMartin said it doesn't matter, the police procedure remains the same.

One person is dead, ten injured in what authorities are calling a terror attack that occurred in North London.  A van slammed into a crowd as people were coming out of a mosque. Innocent bystanders were deliberately targeted.  Police are now stepping up security in Muslim communities around London. 

Just as new concrete boulders are being installed around Buffalo City Hall, MacMartin said "get ready for more of that.  This is the world we live in today".   He said he's certain similar accommodations are being made right now - at the big Christmas Market in Berlin and other so-called "soft targets". 

Hear the full interview with Steve MacMartin below:



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