From The Locker Room: Sabres-Panthers

December 20, 2016 - 1:24 pm

Read Robin Lehner, Sam Reinhart and Dan Bylsma's thoughts following the Sabres' 4-3 shootout defeat in Carolina.

Robin Lehner
"We gave it away to them. They came out hard and had a good 1st period. I think both teams had a good 2nd, but we definitely played better. Turnovers killed us a little bit, I thought we were fighting, but it comes down to small plays in this league."

"Keep working on [shootouts]...that first one, caught me a little off guard...Barkov's a good shooter. What can I say?"

Sam Reinhart
"Right now it's frustarting. I'm not going to lie. The thing I do like is that no matter where we are in our game, we feel like we can produce enough offense where we can play ourselves back in that game."

"They really took over from there, but the way we came at them in the 2nd, if we play three that way, we get that game more times than not."

Dan Bylsma
"Keep trying and keep working at [shootouts]. We keep practicing them a different way, focus a different way, mindset a different way. It's what we gotta keep doing."

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