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Local Pizzeria Helping Government Workers

JJ's Casa Di Pizza delivers 40 pizzas to TSA workers

January 20, 2019 - 5:20 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN) - We're now on day 30 of the government shutdown, but JJ's Casa Di Pizza is trying to help local government workers who aren't receiving pay checks. 

"We decided to give all the TSA workers a free large pizza for them and their families," said Jeff Jacobbi, who's the owner of the pizzeria. "They've been working without a paycheck for quite some time now, and we just kind of wanted to help them out. They're the ones protecting our airports and our skies right now, and my hat is off to them for doing the job that they're doing without a paycheck."

"We brought 40 pizzas today, as they have anywhere from 35-40 employees," said Jacobbi. "We wanted to make sure that everybody could get a pizza and take it home to their families."

Jacobbi said he got the inspiration for helping from a good experience traveling.

"I was flying back from Florida last week, and I noticed that all of the TSA workers were working like nothing was happening to them, and I realized that they weren't getting a paycheck," he said. "I thought that they were doing a terrific job and somebody should take care of them, so when I got back, we set this up with TSA and told them that we were going to drop off pizzas for everyone."

Hear full audio from Jacobbi below:

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