Local Civil Rights Organization Calling for Dropped Charges

Myles Carter was arrested on Bailey during interview with local media

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June 05, 2020 - 12:27 pm
Bailey 6-1-20

BUFFALO (WBEN) - On Friday morning, the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, held a press conference to address a Monday night incident in which a protester was arrested while conducting an interview with local media.

On Monday evening in Buffalo, N.Y., Myles Carter was speaking with a local television reporter during a peaceful demonstration. With his hands in the air and back to the police and without any notice, police in riot gear rushed forward, grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Police arrested Carter on two baseless charges. The City of Buffalo had not issued a curfew for Monday evening. Carter was released early Tuesday morning.

Litigation Director Ahmed Mohamed released the following statement:

“Protesters have a fundamental right to protest against abusive police practices. It is unacceptable for law enforcement to respond to peaceful protests with aggressive tactics and excessive use of force. 

"Myles Carter was conducting a media interview with his hands in the air and his back turned away from the police when he was viciously grabbed, slammed to the ground by the officers, and unlawful arrested. Mr. Carter’s courage to speak out is indicative of his commitment to his community and justice. 

"CAIR-NY stands in solidarity with Mr. Carter and protesters demanding that police stop using excessive force against unarmed Black community members.”

Mohamed is now calling on Erie County District Attorney John Flynn to drop the two charges against Myles Carter, which include disorderly conduct and interfering with governmental administration.

"We're going to advocate that the district attorney in this case drop and dismiss all charges," said Mohamed. "There is absolutely no basis for any charges against Mr. Carter whatsoever.

"We know the actions that were taken by Mr. Carter," Mohamed continued. "The actions that he took were all lawful, were all peaceful and were all protected by the First Amendment.

Listen to Mohamed's full comments below:

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