Lloyd Taco: Sorry for Saying Sorry!

Food Truck Co-Owners want to be known as non-political

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - See if you can follow this story.

After setting off an internet firestorm last week when they apologized for serving lunch at an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detention center in Batavia, the owners of Lloyd Taco are apologizing for last week's apology and are hopeful they will not apologize in the future.

"We take responsbility for what transpired last week but we want to emphasize that we don't take sides," Lloyd Taco co-owner Pete Cimino said Monday. "That's what people did in social and traditional media in the last few days. We respect their right to express their opinions. That's something that makes this great country great."

Last week, the company issued an apology for serving meals at the Batavia Federal Detention Center, saying that it made a mistake going there, noting that the event did not align with their company's values. The Batavia facility holds detainees in custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

That apology, a response to a handful of complaints, was met with tremendous backlash online.

"Chris (Dorsaneo, Co-Owner) and I want to fully and sincerely apologize for our past statement after our truck’s visit to the federal detention facility in Batavia last week," Cimino said. "Our statement was hastily made, and we reacted too quickly to criticism we received for that visit."

Cimino said that the company aims to be community minded, and not political. 

The company said that there were three cancellations from regular truck-visit customers over the weekend, but sales remained steady at the physical locations. 

Cimino would not answer whether or not they would return to the detention facility in Batavia if they were asked to serve lunch there again. He did say their company supports law enforcement

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