Lifelong Western New Yorker Relocates to the Hurricane Zone

Just in Time for Florence

Bathtub Bladder WBEN Photo


Columbia, South Carolina (WBEN) -  Maryjane Smith is an Entercom co-worker who just moved to Columbia, South Carolina and she is getting a crash course in hurricane prep.

Smith was born and raised in Buffalo, survived blizzards, and now finds herself prepping for the worst storm to hit that state since Hurricane Hugo 1989.  "Are you kidding me?  she asked". 

She said hurricane prep is very different from snow storm prep.  "We have a bladder for our bathtub.  It's filled with water that keeps it clean.  You can pump it out when you need it".

That's not all.  "You need water, canned goods, you need to gas up your cars because gas stations are running out of gas" she said.  "Everyday they tell you something new and I say Dang, I never thought of that".  She found one of the last generators in the area without having to travel to Georgia to get one.  "I'm like a Hurricane machine right now" said Smith. 

Smith and her family reside about 2.5 hours from the South Carolina coast. "We're not evacuating, the evacuees from the coast are coming here" she said.  Schools have been closed all week. Local schools have been turned into Red Cross shelters. 

"They're telling us to expect flooding, high winds and power outages".  And she said they should expect rain through Tuesday of next week.  "I miss my Buffalo weather!"

LISTEN to our full interview with Maryjane Smith below:

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