Let The Ad Wars Begin

McMurray: "It's a desperate act of a dying campaign"

September 23, 2018 - 3:00 pm

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Less than a week after Chris Collins announced that he would wage an active campaign for re-election, he is out with his first TV ad.

"It's the first ad I've seen from Collins", said Kevin Hardwick, host of WBEN's Hardline and Republican member of the Erie County Legislature.  "It's very anti-Nate McMurray.  It makes use of a video that McMurray put out earlier this year on social media, in which McMurray is speaking Korean", said Hardwick.

It's likely to be the first of many negative ads to come.  "I've said all along, this is going to be a very negative campaign. They're going to try to do their best to make Nate McMurray un-electable," said Hardwick.

Appearing on WBEN's "Hardline" program Sunday, Nathan McMurray said, "it's a desperate act of a dying campaign".

Collins is running as an indicted Congressman.  Republican analysts have said that despite Collins' baggage, the goal is to make sure Nate McMurray is not seen as an alternative. 

With only 46 days until the election and a healthy campaign warchest of over a million dollars, Hardwick says get ready.  "It's not just going to be Chris Collins. It's going to be groups coming into the area on behalf of Chris Collins, dumping money here.  It's going to be very, very anti-Nate McMurray".

The Democrat challenger in NY27 was quick to respond.  "Collins is running ads where he’s using a completely FALSE translation. It’s pathetic".

Kevin Hardwick addressed the campaign in NY27 after a discussion on a need for a new downtown convention center.






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