LeSean McCoy Will Not Be Charged in Home Invasion

Still Faces A Civil Suit

USA Today


Bills Running Back LeSean McCoy is not expected to be charged for the home invasion and robbery of his Georgia home that injured his former girlfriend. But a civil suit is still pending.

From the very beginning, defense attorney Paul Cambria said he didn't think there was enough to charge LeSean McCoy with a crime, and he says it looks like that's how it is going to turn out.  

Ian Rappaport of the NFL Network reports police in Milton, Georgia do not have enough evidence against McCoy, and the star running back is not expected to be charged for the July home invasion against his ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon.  

A civil suit is a different matter.  "The burden of proof is different.  It's lower in a civil suit" said Cambria.

"No one has made a direct claim that he either sent a person there or that he was part of it himself."  Without that, Cambria said "you really don't have a basis to hold him responsible".

The Buffalo defense attorney, who is not representing any party in the case, said it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the end.  "I think we'll be surprised at what the real facts are", said Cambria.  

Bills general manager Brandon Beane said earlier this Summer that team officials were comfortable that McCoy was not involved in the attack.

McCoy has maintained his innocence throughout.  Cambria said McCoy has done exactly what he would have instructed him to do.  "Without a doubt, business as usual.  If you're innocent, act innocent.  He did the right thing, instead of hashing and rehashing the whole thing".

Athletes, especially, have targets on their back according to Cambria, who has represented a number of professional athletes over the years.   "Everybody knows that athletes make lots of money.   People are attracted to them, men and women.  So its easy to identify them and it's a problem. I have a number of professional athletes right now who are targets of people writing threatening letters or suing them and we deal with it on a daily basis".

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