Legalize Sports Betting Coming Down To Final Day

New York State Legislative Year Nearing Adjournment

Matt Moran
June 20, 2018 - 5:00 am

The New York State Legislative Year ends today and legalizing sports betting is still on the table. 

NY Daily News Albany Bureau Chief Ken Lovett says he thinks it is a real long shot that its passed before they adjourn.

"It woulnd't surprise if it takes a few years to perculate in Albany or it could done next year," Lovett said. "I would be shocked although you never rule out anything at the end of a legislative session as deals start being made but I would be shocked if it's done this year."

Lovett says the Senate would likely pass it but its the Assembly where its running into road blocks. Henry Wojtaszek the President of Batavia Downs says he hopes the legislation gets passed so that passionate sports fans can have ability to place bets close to home.

"The fans in Buffalo and all across New York State really root for their teams," Wojtaszek said. "I think they would like to have some money on some of the games to enjoy event experience with some of their friends, colleagues and relatives."

Wojtaszek says he's seen in New York City where they have big signs for locals to go to bet in New Jersey where it is now legal. He think New York State needs to get on this soon otherwise they will lose out on valuable revenue. 

"I think they're at risk of losing that to other states surrounding them if they don't pass it," Wojtaszek said. 

Lovett sees the possibility of more states making it legal as a way that puts more focus on New York State to pass. But for now, it is unlikely. 

"There are a number of lawmakers who just feel it's just not the right way to go," Lovett said. 






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