Lawmakers React to Cuomo's Plastic Bag Ban Proposal

Ranzenhofer calls it a knee jerk reaction

Tom Puckett
April 25, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) What do some state lawmakers think of Governor Cuomo's proposal to ban plastic bags? Two of them responded to WBEN Wednesday.

"I think it's a knee jerk reaction," says State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer. "I don't think this is very comprehensive, and I don't believe it's very thought out. One thing you really need is public input and I don't see public input," says Ranzenhofer.

Ranzenhofer also wonders what such a ban will really do for the environment. "There would now be a greater usage of other types of plastic bags, pollution with other products. If you're trying to change behavior, that's why you have input. There are other ways to do it other than an outright ban on plastic bags," explains Ranzenhofer.

Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer on Plastic Bag Proposal

State Senator Tim Kennedy says steps need to be taken to protect the environment, but he wants to make sure those steps benefit Western New York. "There have been initiatives put in other states including New York, so this is clearly a statewide initiative we have to look at closely," says Kennedy. "We have to see how this will impact people in Western New York differently than people in New York City."

Kennedy says he's looking to hear from people in his district about the bill and how they'd like him to vote on it.

Sen. Tim Kennedy on Proposed Plastic Bag Ban

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