Lawmakers Push For Passing Of Child Victims Act

Would Help Those Sexually Abused By Catholic Church

Matt Moran
August 20, 2018 - 5:15 am

Since the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report found sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children by about 300 priests across the State, more focus is being put on New York State.

A bill that has been in discussion is the Child Victims Act which would let prosecutors bring criminal cases any time up to a victim's 23rd birthday, and allow civil lawsuits against abusers any time up to a victim's 50th birthday.

State Senator Tim Kennedy is a co-sponsor of the bill. He has seen it been dropped in the senate for many years. 

"That in of itself is unnacceptable and despicable," Kennedy said "When you see the allegations of child abuse of the hundreds and thousands across our community, our state and nation you want to do something about it."

He blames a republican majority of the senate that has not allowed it to be passed or even voted upon. Lieutenent Governor Kathy Hochul thinks if Democrats win a majority this upcoming election season they can finally pass the bill. 

"We have been stimied in the republican senate for far too long," Hochul said. "People who are preying on our children can no longer be protected like the way they are and this needs to be changed in the election this November and the changed in leadership in January."

With more and more allegations coming out against priests across the area. Senator Tim Kennedy says the the time is now for this bill to go into effect.

"Get it signed into law immediately so that we can give these victims the closure they need and deserve," Kennedy said.

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