Lake Effect Snows Could Hit Southern Tier This Weekend

Conditions Setting Up for Seasons First Wintry Blast


Winter is moving toward ski country.

The National Weather  Service says the region's first big blast of Lake Effect snows could possibly be on the horizon as soon as this coming weekend.  Far lighter  snows are likely around greater Buffalo, but the Southern Tier might see the traditional pattern set up, mixing heavy snows and high winds. 

"This is still a long way out. We are talking about Sunday and Monday, and there is a lot of uncertainity," says National Weather Service Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock, who adds that a low pressure system is moving toward the Great Lakes and  ".. it might set the stage for Lake Effect snow Sunday and Monday."

Much colder air will move into the region by Sunday.

The  low pressure is forecast to move through the central Great Lakes Saturday, with an associated strong cold front crossing Western New York and the eastern Lake Ontario region.   Strong winds- with  wind gusts possibly in excess of 50 mph -- could be found  northeast of Lakes Erie and Ontario.

"It is so far out there's no detail we can provide on how much snow or exactly where it will be but, so far there is no indication Buffalo will be effected by it. It looks like it is going to be a Southern Tier event," Hitchcock says.


Major Snow Event Possible This Weekend - Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock


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