Keeping Your Home Safe from Storm Damage

Cortese says check for drafts, try to get snow off roof

Tom Puckett
January 30, 2019 - 4:00 am

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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Home improvement expert Dominic Cortese says it's ideal to keep an eye on your home's perimeter year round, but admits it's tough to react to a storm like this.

"Perimeter foundation should be insulated well. If you detect you have an opening there, that could be a draft. I recommend a candle test, which is a way to test for drafts. Light a candle, and a flickering flame will point you to a draft. A pinhole size draft is enought to freeze water pipes," says Cortese. He says letting the water trickle is a band aid approach, not a solution to avoiding freezing water pipes. "Be careful not to use an open flame. A hair dryer may take a while, but it may work," advises Cortese.

If you can, Cortese suggests getting snow off the roof. "To pull some snow off the roof will insure you won't have a great ice formation and icicles as a result. This will require a check of the insulation in your attic because heat loss there yields snow turning into ice on your roof," says Cortese. "If you have a snow rake, that's a safe tool to use. Putting a ladder on the side of your house with snow and ice at the base could be dangerous," advises Cortese.

He also cautions against carbon monoxide poisoning. "Be sure to check your furnace vent to make sure it's clear of snow. This will prevent your furnace from shutting down. Also, don't use your stove for heating because it will produce carbon monoxide."


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