Kearns Gets Conservative Nod in Erie County Clerk's Race

Democratic chairman says Kearns has yet to officially seek nod

Tom Puckett
March 29, 2017 - 4:00 am

WBEN Photo- Tim Wenger

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Democratic Assemblyman Mickey Kearns is running for Erie County Clerk, and he's received the endorsement of the Erie County Conservative Party. It has happened before, say Kearns and party chairman Ralph Lorigo.

"This is a non-partisan office, this deals with customer service," says Kearns. "We ask how we can serve them in the most efficient way, and yes, I've sought endorsements from all the major parties." Kearns says he's previously sought the Conservative endorsement in other races he's sought election. "I've received the nomination as a councilmember and assemblymember, and what people are saying today is it's more about the person than the party."

Lorigo agrees. "It's true we endorse conservative Democrats as well as conservative Republicans. The job of a clerk is a constitutent-oriented clerk. Everyone has to deal with the clerk at some point. It's the motor vehicle department. It's the perfect job for Mickey Kearns," says Lorigo.

But Democratic party chairman Jeremy Zellner says Kearns has not formally sought the endorsement yet. "I think many look at Mickey Kearns with cynical eyes, as he's run for a number of offices over the years. I think we need a fresh perspective in the clerk's office, and Mickey Kearns only brings politics as usual," says Zellner. "He's already received the endorsement of Republicans and Conservatives, and I think that has a lot of activists on our executive committee upset right now, and I think he's lined himself up with Trump Republicans and the leadership of the Erie County Republican party."

Zellner says interviews take place this weekend, and endorsements should be announced in a couple of weeks.

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