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Kayaking takes off in Western New York

Inside the increased popularity of kayaking in Western New York over recent years

August 05, 2019 - 1:43 am

Over the past several years, the popularity of kayaking around Western New York has taken off.

Companies on the local waterfront, including Waterbike Adventures and Buffalo Harbor Kayak have taken notice of the increased activity on the water. 

"There can be upwards of 50 to 100 people out on the river on a busy Saturday," Buffalo Harbor Kayak Manager Justin Dahl said. 

Both Dahl and Waterbike Adventures Manager Carlos Torres have pointed to the redevelopment of Canalside and Buffalo's waterfront as a key reason for the increased popularity of kayaking.

"There has been such a great resurgence in this area," Torres said. "We are in our 19th season and it was nothing like it is now." 

The summer months have developed a high demand for kayaks, allowing new companies to develop along with the area. 

"We have 10 waterbikes but we have a little over twice the kayaks," Torres said. "A lot of buisnesses have popped up here."

Before purchasing a kayak, Dahl recommends taking all the precautionary steps. 

"There are a lot of these inexpensive, two-piece boats that are laminated together and glued together," Dahl said. "They get hot and leak, people can tip over and that is where the true danger comes in." 

For those looking for some fun on the water in the remaining days of summer, kayaking has become a go-to activity for a large portion of Buffalo.


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