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Kaleida nurses out at Buffalo Schools

Board votes to approve contract with new nursing provider

May 16, 2018 - 9:18 pm

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Following lengthy and sometimes emotional debate in Buffalo City Hall Wednesday evening, the Buffalo Board of Education voted to approve a contract with a new nursing provider and Kaleida nurses are out of the Buffalo Schools.  Some board members pleaded to table the item and allow more time to consider the issue but the vote was forced and five members determined the fate and adopted the new contract.

The new nursing contract is with Supplemental Health Care and their nurses will take over in the schools after the current Kaleida contract expires in July.

The nurses issue has been a public one over the past several weeks as Kaleida nurses, parents, teachers and some students have been visible at board meetings and held a rally to draw atttention to the issue.  Kaleida nurses have been in Buffalo schools for 13 years and their fate became clouded after Kaleida submitted their bid for the contract 16 minutes after a required deadline.

Three board members abstained from voting on the matter, claiming conflicts or insuffidient information on the issue. Superintendent Kriner Cash said he would have gone along with a delay in the vote but indicated he felt the issue would only become more political as time goes on.

Last weekKaleida Health spokesman Mike Hughes acknowledged his group made a mistake leading to the hard copy being late, but says the e-mailed version was sent minutes before the deadline. "The school district waited four months to tell us they're not accepting our bid. Our nurses and kids deserve answers, why are they telling us just now?" asks Hughes. "Nurses know the kids by heart, and it's more than just band-aids. These nurses do a tremendous job."

Kaleida nurses held a rally in front of city hall prior to Wednesday's board meeting.


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